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"The Dirt" Trailrunning Podcast

Mar 18, 2020

Natalie Brunson is a mother of 9 and multi-year running streaker. She organizes trail runs with the Coyote Running Club in Rockford, Illinois. She loves to laugh, and give her children a fun and loving life. Find out how she does it all!

“My own ass was attacking in the back” ~Natalie

Mar 9, 2020

Siva is one of 11 runners that finished the Badwater Ultra cup series. He shares his journey with Michele and Krystal on this episode of the Dirt!

Fun surprises in this show: Learn what famous person was sitting next to him on the airplane when he found out he was chose for Badwater 135.


Mar 4, 2020

Tuscobia 160 is a self supported race where you carry your supplies in a sled you pull behind you. Michele & Krystal chat with Siva about the challenges he had during the race. Siva competed and finished the 160 mile running division.

Bonus---> we get the DIRT on Siva's personal life ;-)

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