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"The Dirt" Trailrunning Podcast

Mar 1, 2024

Join us this week for a fun conversation with OMR coaches Loretta, Reese, & Katie O’Connor as they reveal their mental skills for ultrarunning!

What are the skills? How do you practice them in training & everyday life? How can you apply them into your races?

There’s so much knowledge you’ll need a paper & pen for...

Feb 23, 2024

“ Say “WUT”? In this episode of Coffee with Coaches, Loretta & Reese are joined by Shannon O’Grady from Gnarly Nutrition to talk endurance training, hydration, electrolyte intake, & sweat science!

WUT stands for Weight, Urine, & Thirst, but listen in to find out how those relate to your hydration status!


Feb 9, 2024

Join us on “Coffee with Coaches” as we discuss the OMR GRAND SLAM & how athlete Mary Stanbary plans to conquer the Kettle Moraine, Midwest States, & Hennepin 100 mile races in one calendar year!

Also joining us today is her coach, Lindsay Phenix, to help us understand what goes into preparing for a BIG year!


Feb 2, 2024

Life, Running, & the pursuit of Cocodona 250! Join coaches Loretta, Reese, & special guest coach Kaleb as they discuss how to manage training for BIG goals & how they wrap into a bigger picture.

How is Coach Kaleb thinking about training, eating, sleeping, & enjoying the experience of Cocodona 250? Tune in, find out, &...

Jan 19, 2024

On this episode of Coffee with Coaches, OMR coaches Loretta & & Reese are joined by OMR Coach Jacob Moss to talk all things 24-hour track racing!

Why run 24 hours on a track? How do I begin the preparation? What will it be like at a track race? Jacob & Loretta lay down some insight on all topics so that YOU can go in...