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"The Dirt" Trailrunning Podcast

Nov 17, 2023

That’s Ultrarunning, get up & try again!

Join OMR coaches Loretta & Reese as they pick apart the meaning of DNFs & drop-downs.

Do we let them define us, or do we let them inform us how to be race better in the future?

Coach Loretta approached Reese with this idea after his lackluster drop-down from the 2023 Tunnel...

Nov 15, 2023

Come warm up with OMR coaches Loretta, Reese, & Kaleb Stephens as they talk about their racing strategies for two vastly different races - Javelina Jundred & Tunnel Hill!

Listen as coach Kaleb gives insight about how he trained for & raced in the Arizona desert. Including tips about headlamp use, gearing, loop strategy,...

Nov 10, 2023

Join 3 OMR coaches on today’s show! Coaches Loretta and Reese interview coach Madeline Harms and discuss all things about her running background, life, her interesting daytime profession, recent running success (& difficulties) & coaching style given a busy life!

No only is she speedy, but Madeline has raced a...

Nov 3, 2023

Head Mule~ Michele sits down with Natalie Brunson and Kyle Braund to chat about our trip to Mukilteo, Washington and attending ATRA conference 2023. Kyle is a 21 year old new trail runner that is interested in working in the sport. Tim Tollefson was the keynote speaker of conference and Kyle shares how Tim has helped...